trivago has 5 different offices on 3 different continents, plus a flexible working hours policy. Needless to say there are a lots of conference calls, where you need to use the microphone, or a camera, or other basic office equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with these simple tools, therefore trivago's office infrastructures team organized an all offices challenge to educate the employees about the meeting room equipment and how to use them properly. My task on the project, was to create communication material to internally promote the event. 
I tackled the task in a fun way. Like a kid – well at least an imaginative one – when they don't know the function of a certain object, they explain it with their own fantasies. That is exactly what happens here: we advertise these objects with made up non-sense, to show in an abstract and fun way how 'stupid' it is to not know what they are for and how to use them. Most of the employees got the joke, laughed at it and some signed up to the challenge.
Art Direction / Katalin Varga
Copy / Lee Jones
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