New Years Eve is all about expectations. This is the last day, the last party of the year. Most people, especially the ones who decide to spend it in Times Square, expect a perfect experience. This animation reflects this insight, and shows that very often in reality things are a bit different than how we imagined. The story of the animation drives you through different scenes of NYE in New York, from arriving to Time Square to the midnight kiss,to the party and then arriving to your hotel room at dawn, where reality finally meets your expectation.
We created this animation for trivago to be displayed on the Marquee screens in Times Square on NYE 2018. It was a fun project with tight deadline, it was created within a week, from concept to final execution. Additionally, we also created a social media version of the animation. 
Storyboard & Graphics / Katalin Varga
Motion / Svenja Krautwurst
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