How do you capture the story of a hotel metasearch engine, a rapidly growing tech company and a diverse company culture in 30 seconds? 
trivago’s animation tells two stories: a story of a product, a hotel metasearch engine, and the story of the company and its people behind that product. It is directed at potential users, potential investors and anyone who happened to walk across Times Square on the day of December 16th in 2016, trivago’s listing day on Nasdaq. 
A small group of graphic and motion designers in Düsseldorf took on the challenge. We created a bold illustrative animation that introduced passers-by to trivago's product and displayed the company's most important facts in an abstract, visual manner. To realize this, we synchronized the animation for 45 different screens of all shapes and sizes, without setting a foot in Times Square. 
The combination of energetic animations, relevant use of the brand's colors and elements, and attention-grabbing use of graphics allowed trivago to tell the story of its product and the story of a continuously growing company.
Project coordinator / Wiebke Mueller
Art Direction, Graphics & Conceptualization / Katalin Varga
Graphics Support / Dawn McCance
Key Motion Designer / Chieh Lee
Motion Design support / Luis Alabadas, Roxy Velez
Case study video filming & editing / Irati Aguirre
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