meet Wabi
Wabi is trivago’s corporate brandmark, created to reflect trivago’s identity and define a clear distinction between corporate channels and tools, and products/services. Wabi does not replace the trivago logo for hotel search or any other consumer or business products, but is the digital embodiment of the corporate culture.
“Wabi seeks to capture and represent our spirit as a company – fluid and ever-evolving, yet simple, authentic, and imperfect.
A modern representation of the trust that unifies us and makes us strong, and the authenticity and diversity of opinions that broaden our horizons. A visualisation of the imperfect detail of raw ideas and the way we evaluate empirical data to find proof and therefore, focus. A way to show that we never stand still. Capturing how we are driven forward by our entrepreneurial passion and continuous learning, from our own experiences and the experience of others – this is Wabi.”
“Our three colored brandmark (Wabi) + trivago wordmark is our primary and strongest brand element and is to be used for all corporate communication media. Whenever we talk about trivago as a company externally we use the brandmark lockup. It sets us apart from our products and makes our corporate brand instantly recognizable.“
Wabi has been implemented in all corporate channels, including digital, print, and space design.
Along with Wabi a mini corporate design and brand guideline has been developed with instructions of logo usage, color palettes, typography, layout, imagery and more. The guideline can be shared upon request.
The design process to the the final logo was a long journey. Wabi went through many iterations until we found its final shape. You can find more info on the design process of the brandmark here.
..and more about Wabi in press:
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